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If you are trying to make your life something different, take a look here, you might find it helpful.

Many of us work really hard and wish to have better life, we are expecting that as long as we work harder, we make more money and we will have more time, our life will become different such as travel whenever we want, spend more time with family, buy a bigger house, debt-free, most importantly, passive income and financial free. But, what is reality?

We stuck with our 9 to 5 jobs, try to work harder so we can get out of it, and once we work harder we stuck more. We contribute all our time to make someone else richer and have more freedom, brand other people’s life and sacrifice ourselves.

We forgot that initially we are the one wanted the freedom, and make our life awesome, we forgot that we are the one that wanted to brand ourselves, brand our lives.

So now it is the time to make some changes if you are losing your time to see your kids grow, freedom to book a flight whenever you want and lack of sleep just to someone else easier.

It is time to take action, make a difference to your life, get your life back so you have full control of it and truly enjoy it.

My Story

I was always a dreamer growing up and always questioning. I don’t understand why my parents work so hard and we were still living in a tiny small house and a large amount of debt. My father was a businessman but he started to get sick not long after I was born, very soon his business went down and my mother then needed to work more than 12 hours a day and my oldest sister had to work 2 jobs to help my mum to keep 5 people in the family alive. Even I was such a young age I have been asking this question a lot, why our saving seems not enough, the money that my father’s business made just all blown away very quickly, I don’t understand.

You Are Stuck if You Are Not The Boss of Your Own Life

After my father passed away my mother has no clue how to run her own business even my father was a businessman. She tried and tried but she always ends up giving up as she did not have anyone to seek for help, ask questions, she did not have someone to lead the road, teach her which path to go and where the trouble to avoid.

She got exhausted and she went back where she was, a hard worker, for someone else.

Helping other people’s lives easier and richer makes her one more struggling as she is getting older and older every day, but she does believe this is the only way to not worry about money in life.

So what happened was she was stuck because she is not the boss of her own life.

Can I Make a Difference?

So, I was taught that I should not try to have my own business as it can fail, I would waste my time if I try to. I was told that I should find a good, stable job in a good company and try to work for them as long as I can.

And I did. I started to work for other people instead of myself since I was 15 years of age, and truly believe it would work, but at the same time I hated it as I always need to follow someone else’s instructions and opinions even many times I have new ideas but it seems not working that way.

I admire those people who can travel anytime they want as I am world wanderlust, I desire to see this world, visit different countries, meet different people, explore cultures and treat my taste bud with gourmet. I worked hard and I saved, I worked harder and I saved harder, but why I was still stuck?

I started to wonder again, “Is this gonna be my life?” “Is that it?” I questioned and it doesn’t sound exciting to me at all, I need to make a change, I told myself. Even I don’t know how to.

The only thing I know is that if I don’t try, the difference would never come.

I decided to quit my job, started travelling and tried to look for an answer.

Several years later, I learned that if I wish to have my life back, first of all, I need courage, and then I need to act.

I made a lot of mistakes while trying to have my own business on the way, I failed few times but I grew and learned a lot, now I work on my online business full time, you can check out where did I start here.

I understand the value of investing myself, taking lessons from the right person, and didn’t give up when I failed, and finally, now here I am. I can see my little baby grow without missing it, being able to travel without asking permission from the boss, I can help people who wish to take the path and I am working for myself and doing something that I am passionate about.

It feels great when you wake up excited instead of Monday blue every day. That is the difference.

I Wish You Can Do The Same

It is hard to try to working everything out on our own, we need guidance no matter what, social skills, technical skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills…etc. We also need support and mentor, so we are motivated.

You won’t get those at once, you only get it on the way you act. And I wish you can achieve.

I don’t master English but I would still like to share my experiences, useful tips, skills, tutorial, and support to help you do the same.

The Mission With BrandYourLifePro.Com

Like the name, I think everyone has the ability to discover themselves deeper and has the right to make any decision for their own life, your life is your brand and you should decide how you want it to be like.

I learned all my lessons online and working hard on it, I will share some thoughts, experiences, tips, skills and reviews on the site and I wish you find it helpful.

Expect to see your self-development, your growth, and your success, as long as you start it now.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy and all the best



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