Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Step-by-Step Guide

There are seemed to have too much information out there that you don’t know where to start when you try to make extra money.

You might hear about affiliate marketing and probably know some people start their business with it. So, what is affiliate marketing? How does it work? In this post, I am going to break down to steps of affiliate marketing for beginners, step-by-step.

Before we start, let me ask 2 questions.

  • Have you ever bought things online through clicking a link from a blog post?
  • If you say yes, then how many times?

You might already have the answer.

What Is The Idea of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money by promoting someone else’s products or services online. Customers click specific links that the merchant or the company as known as advertiser provides you (publisher) with.

Affiliate Marketing

The main feature of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have inventory, nor need to create or produce your products.

Let’s look at some examples.

Example 1. You are looking for diet supplements but you are not sure which products to choose, you start to do some homework and search online. You find some blogs that are sharing their experiences on the products, and then you decide to give it a try so you click on “Buy It Now” from that blog post, it takes you to the shopping page like Amazon.

Then what happens is → you add to the cart → you pay for it → the person who provides the link on the blog post gets the commission.

Example 2. You are planning your holiday overseas, same as always, you are looking for suitable accommodation online, searching for someone’s experience on the same destination.

You like the hotel that the blog recommends, so you click “book now” from the blog post or a website, it takes you to another page like and reserves your stay.

Then the next thing happened is → you book the hotel but not paying yet → you travel to the destination → you stay at the hotel and you pay → the person who provides the link gets the commission after your stay has been confirmed.

Example 3. Same as above, this time you are searching an online business start-up training course, you click the link from someone’s post and it takes you to a website like Udemy. Now I think you know what happens next. You register and pay for the course, the publisher gets the commission.

Can Any One Become An Affiliate Marketer?


From the cases above, you can see the cycle of affiliate marketing is like the picture below.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The structure is simple, face-to-face selling is not needed anymore, which also means as long as anyone who can access the internet, can also become a publisher.

Unlike other business will take lots of preparation before hands, being an affiliate marketer is a lot fewer steps to get you to start, the biggest step is to have your own website.

Fortunately, build a website is so easy today as the technique is so advance, you can watch me build a website just within few minutes here.

I often get a lot of questions from people asking if they can just share the links with friends or share on social media because it sounds so easy so far, the answer is, you are not gonna earn the trust from your customers, when you start your business you want it to grow, the ultimate goal of any business is to create passive income and you become financial freedom.

The way to that is that you have to gain people’s trust and become an authority of what you are doing.

Lack of hard work is not gonna bring you those. You can throw your resources everywhere but soon you will run out of people who would support you.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

As the internet grows so fast, there are many ways to make money online and work from home, for example, you can become a full-time writer, freelance graphic designer, start your online store or do drop shipping, but why choose affiliate marketing as your method? ( It is also my #1recommand method to start your online business )

Reason 1 # No Customer Service Needed

Well, more precisely, your customers are your audience and of course you need to create helpful content to build your customers, but what I mean is that you won’t need to do customer service like a traditional salesman with lots of pressure on, what you need is to focus on providing quality information and people will decide if the product or the service is right for them.

Reason 2 # Working Time is Fully Flexible

Like any other business, affiliate marketing requires you to put a lot of time and effort if you determine to see the result, but the beauty of this system is that you can control your working time unlike many other “jobs”, a startup is always the hardest part but once your affiliate business start to take off and you will have a flexible working time as you wish. This is your own business and you are your own boss, you have full control of your own life instead of following others.

Reason 3 # There is No Limit Finding Your Audience ( Customers )

There are more than 3 billion people can access the internet today and this number is still growing, no matter what your niche is, there are people out there looking for information, the more useful info you can provide with the bigger market will come to you.

Reason 4 # You Can Always Be Honest With Yourself

This might sound a bit confusing, but I find it is quite an important point to myself.

We all know when someone tries to sell us something, they need to convince that the product or service that they offer is very good or the best, but sometimes it is not the truth.

With affiliate marketing model, you can always be honest with your thoughts, your give out the truth or say your true opinion about something, you won’t need to worry about giving a negative review is going to scare away your customers, on the contrary, you are likely to build more trust as you are honest.

Reason 5 # You Don’t Need Prior Experience To Start

Do you still remember the time that you need to edit your resume to different copies to suit different jobs that you apply to? Why? Because prior experience in the same field is always having the advantage and having more chance to win. But being an affiliate marketer you won’t need that! Like we mentioned before, as long as you can access the internet and willing to put your time and effort into it, there is no reason that you fail.

Reason 6 # Earn While You Sleep! Full-Time Passive Income!

This is probably the best part of it, as we do so much work we will want to see some result, this is a system that has the highest potential to earn you full-time passive income! Passive income is not a dream anymore. Once you’ve done the hard work and get everything set up, you are going to earn revenue again and again even when you sleep!

Do I Have To Pay To Join Any Affiliate Programs?

No. Affiliate programs are all FREE to sign up, if you are ever asked to pay to become an affiliate partner, stay away from it.

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Become a Trustworthy Affiliate Marketer Step-by-Step.

Before we go too far, I just want to mention that there are many different ways to do affiliate marketing, such as through social media.

For example, say you are doing video reviews or tutorials, then upload it on Youtube, and provide links of the products or services so people can click through, that is a very popular way to do affiliate marketing.

But here we will talk about content marketing.

Let’s break down to steps.


Step 1. Choose Your Niche And Your Target Audience.

Remember, a niche can be anything. Many people think it is hard to find a niche, it is not.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be an expert in your niche.

One of the best ways to find your niche is to think about what you like. What are you passionate about? What is your hobby? The key is to start broad and narrow down.

For example, say you are passionate about travelling. Now you have a big direction, then the next step is to narrow down to the more specific market, such as solo travelling, budget travelling, certain countries…etc. That group of people will be your niche, they are your audience and future customers.

You can also go on to some websites to look for ideas, like

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • AliExpress
  • Target

Simply go on to these websites and flick through the categories, you should have lots of ideas from there.


Step 2. Pick Your Domain Name.

A domain name is like having your home address so that people can find you. It would also be your brand that people will recognise you. Don’t worry too much about choosing a name that needs too completely match your niche, oftentimes your domain name will grow into your brand as you build out your brand.


Step 3. Build Your Website.

Your website is your foundation where you can provide people with information, it is also your money maker that will work for you 24/7/365 in time to come.

Many people see it as a big challenge because they think building a website is difficult, but the truth is that build a website is as easy as ABC today.

Using SiteRubix will only take you 5 steps to have your website up and running.


Step 4. Write Valuable Contents That Can HELP Your Audience.

Once your website is live, the content is the next thing you need to focus on. Creating valuable and relevant contents to attract and retain your audience.

When you have something valuable that people need, they will simply become your potential customers.

Nowadays people are flooded by information, oftentimes people don’t have the patience to sit before a screen and read the whole thing, so if you can’t offer quality contents and information then people simply just won’t come.

The key is your consistency. Creating consistent content is so important as it is going to drive your audience to take actions.

Also, it’s better to have a plan on how often you are going to bring out your content, how many hours can you work a day…etc.
Remember, at this stage, it is not only about your passions and hobbies anymore, but it is also a business, so you need to treat it like a business.


Step 5. Start Adding Affiliate Products.

Now your website should look quite good already, you have useful information and you are creating new ones regularly, it is time to research and add affiliate products to your website.

Remember you need to find relevant products, you don’t want to throw everything to your customers as it is not going to work that way. It simply just wouldn’t convert if the affiliate products are not relevant to your niche.


Step 6. Get Traffic And Earn Creditability.

No traffic, no customers, no customers, no money. Simple.
When we talk about getting traffic strategies, there are so many different ways, they would all either be FREE traffic or PAID traffic, as a beginner you would like to start with FREE traffic, it is a way that people find you through a search engine like Google. It is also the best way to earn creditability for your brand.

Paid traffic is to let people find you through your paid advertisement. It will look like the image below.

How Paid Traffic Look Like


Step 7. Generate Revenue.

Here comes the exciting moment. The more traffic you get the higher conversion rate it would be, and that is your revenue.

Of course in this step, you will need to focus on how to get more traffic to your website.


Last Step. Become The Authority And Enjoy Your Passive Income!

By now your website would start to drive lots of traffic for you, you become the authority of your niche and your website is going to work and make money for you all year round even when you sleep!

How Much Can I Expect To Earn From Affiliate Programs?

The commission range of affiliate programs are varied, the average numbers are between 5%-35%. Some of the affiliate programs offer higher commission like 50-70% or even more. it really depends on the different advertiser.

It is not true that the higher commission programs are better, the key here is not to only promote the higher commission programs but to promote those products or service which RELEVANT TO YOUR NICHE!

Remember, don’t just throw everything to your customers as they not gonna like it if that is not what they need. Moreover, you might lose the trust of the audience.

As long as you can keep up providing valuable contents to help your customers, The Sky Is The Limit!

Most Common Mistakes That Beginners Make


1. Not Treating It Like A Business

If you are serious about taking your income to the next level, you need to treat it as a real business.

Just “trying things out” wouldn’t help you to grow your business. That is why I mentioned that you need to have a plan.

How long are you willing to work for your business a day? Business needs you to put time and effort. It also takes time to see the result, just like everything else.


2. Expect To Get Rich Quick

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, as I said above, you need to work hard to succeed.

If someone tells you that you can earn $10,000 in a month without doing much, I would say that is a scam and stay away from it.


3. No Consistency

Many people start with passion but end up with short-lived enthusiasm.

Like everything else in life, you need consistency to achieve. You wouldn’t earn trust from the audience if you just on and off.


4. Don’t Want To Invest In Themselves

Business is a learnable skill, instead of figuring everything out by yourself, why not get mentored?

It would save you lots of time and energy if you have someone would help you as you go.

You would get frustrated if you learn an “unknown” with the unknown, and you would likely give up.

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Take Action!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to have your online business, it is a beginner-friendly business model.

Now you have some ideas about what affiliate marketing is and you can start right away.

But any business is a skill,  the best way to get yourself on track as soon as possible is to find yourself a mentor, a good training program.

Your initial investment in the right place will save you lots of money and time and energy!

If you choose to figure everything out yourself, it is actually the most costly in the long run.

You have finished reading this post now, and if you are serious about bringing your income to the different direction by doing affiliate marketing, please take action! If you don’t then nothing would happen!

Finally, I hope you enjoy this post, if you have any thoughts or questions please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!


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